Escape Ramp For Stock Troughs

Escape Ramp For Stock Troughs

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Ramps For Stock Tanks

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  • 24"  RAMP  $62

  • 22"  RAMP  $56

  • 20"  RAMP  $50

  • 12"  RAMP  $29


Ramp Height:
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Give critters a way out of watering troughs!

  • Keep Water Troughs Cleaner for Livestock

  • Reduce Unnecessary Animal Deaths

  • Complies with NRCS Requirements

Small animals will venture into livestock water troughs in their search for water. Unless these critters have a way to safely exit, it’s very common for them to drown inside the tank.  The result is polluted drinking water for livestock and an unnecessary death toll on small animals.  Our wildlife escape ramps provides an easy exit out of troughs for all trapped animals.  Complies with guidelines for use within NRCS and wildlife programs.

Trough Ramps in Six Sizes
12″  –  20″  –  22″  –  24″    (Height)

  • Made of 50% Recycled Materials

  • UV Stabilized Polyethylene

  • Will Not Crack from Freezing

  • Easy to Trim for Fit

  • Traction mesh to ease escape

  • No Fiberglass – Non Toxic Materials

  • No Metal – No Electrolysis or Rusting

  • Complies with NRCS Requirements


Optional Attachment Straps

These optional attachment straps create a "hanger" for the ramp, allowing installation without drilling holes into the your trough.  They work well on aluminum, plastic or concrete troughs. 

$9 Std Strap (fits 20", 22", 24")

$8  Short Strap. (fits 12")


 Optional Attachment Straps

Optional Attachment Straps